by Glenn Antoine

Hello & Welcome!

Please allow me a moment to introduce myself.
As I am sure you have figured out by now, I am Glenn Antoine.

Since 1996 I have been running my own business in some shape or form. I develop web applications of all kind; eCommerce, Content Management Systems, Blog platforms, Simple Web Sites, WordPress Customizations, WordPress Plugins and pretty much anything else that can assist my clients in achieving their goals.

When it comes to client-side technologies I use HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, and jQuery. For the server-side I moved to extensive use of NodeJS, Mongo, MySQL, Redis and related technologies. However, I still work with PHP, MySQL, Zend Framework, Linux, and Apache on various projects.

While the above has been true for many of my clients and most my personal projects to date, I recently began working with AngularJS, NodeJS and MongoDB. Granted I am at the very early stages of development on a couple small projects, but I am VERY impressed. These two may very well move to the top of my list for a lot of my development when possible.

However for the past few years I have been working with C#, MSSQL, MVC4, .NET, LINQ, NServiceBus, NHibernate, and Entity Framework, just to name a few, for Enterprise scale applications and clients depending on those technologies.

The above is the long way of saying that, I use this place to introduce myself to the world, to write about technologies that interest me and to show some of my work.

If You have any questions for me, if You’re interested in hiring me for some work, or just want to chat, please visit my contact page here.

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